Financial Planning and Option Strategies

An interactive session with Mr. Vishwajeet Parashar, Senior Vice President & Group Head – Marketing at Bajaj Capital, followed by a hands-on session on Options Strategies by Zerodha. If you are looking to make money, this is where you begin! Registration Fees - 1100 /-

MathWorks App Developement

What better tool than the mobile phone to really launch the ‘Internet of Things’? Learn how to use your mobile phone as an array of sensors and develop mobile apps using Matlab and Simulink! Registration Fees - 800 /-

Texas Instruments Webench

Discover how to use WEBENCH, a free, automatic tool provided by Texas Instruments, to create reliable power supply circuits over the internet in minutes. Registration Fees - 1100 /-

Cisco Networking

The role and skills required of a core network engineer are evolving and more vital than ever. Prepare for this network transition, with the CCNA Routing and Switching Workshop. Registration Fees - 1300 /-

Product Design using Fusion 360

Learn how to use the new Autodesk Fusion 360 software for product design using live modelling examples and hands-on experience on the software. Registration Fees - 1250 /-

nVIDIA Deep Learning Workshop

Learn the latest techniques on how to design, train, and deploy neural network-powered machine learning in your application and explore widely used open-source frameworks and NVIDIA’s latest GPU-accelerated deep learning platforms. Registration Fees - 1500 /-

ReactJS for Beginners

ReactJS incorporates some really exciting features such as one-way data flow, virtual DOM, JSX, etc. But before we go deep into these topics, it is necessary to have an idea of how web applications have changed over time. No Registration Cost.

Sabre Apache Spark workshop

The most advanced and fastest Big Data Computation Technology through hands-on experience and real life use cases. We will also be covering the basic concepts of Big Data and an overview of Hadop ecosystem. No Registration Cost.

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