The start:

It all started while I was browsing Wikipedia for one of my academic courses that I found it was really cumbersome to go through all the Wikipedia pages to compile the information regarding my project and also the conventional search was quite slow as compared to modern live and instant searches available. The Youtube instant story was a big inspiration while taking this up. So I started coding for the app then and it took me 5 hours to put it all together and fire it up.

The Technology:

The technologies used for the interaction with the wikipedia servers and fetching the relevant information is the constant Ajax requests. Apart from that, at the frontend it uses jQuery libraries and basic HTML/CSS for the UI.

Going Viral:

It all started when an alumni from our campus, Tarin Bansal who was at the time writing for came across my work. He and his team were impressed by the idea and so decided to do an article on it. And thus came the first internet post about Soon enough, followed up with another article. During this time, the website recieved a good response on Twitter as well as other Social Media Platforms. So much so, that did an article on it.

Following the developments, I was contacted by a journalist from The Asian Age, and after a telephonic interview with him made an appearance on the front page of the Mumbai Edition of The Asian Age.

What followed:

 Thanks to the social sharing the site recieved, I was soon contacted by many of the startups. The major ones were a PR agency from Mumbai region and another one from a Silicon valley start-up CloudMagic ( Read about them, they are awesome! ). But the talks fell mid-way.

Soon enough, I was contaced by Mr. Naveen Francis ( Secretary, Wikimedia India Chapter ) to help an interested volunteer in implementing the Live searching algorithm across all Wikimedia India websites, its live here –

Currently working on:

 Its been almost an year since I launched, besides making a few improvements to it once in a while currently I’m working on a PHP framework for beginners. ( Something lighter than CodeIgniter, inspired from some of the most poplar frameworks currently – Yii, CakePHP and Laverel ). The basic idea is to have a really small memmory footprint. Currently, printing ‘Hello World’ in a normal PHP script takes about 256 KB of Memmory, a headless version of CakePHP/Yii does it for about 2 MB of Memmory usage. Whereas, currently I have been able to do it with a peak memmory consumption of 0.5 MB ( ~ Double of a normal PHP script, 1/4th of a normal Framework ). I have built a site on a ( highly ) preliminary version of the framework, which takes about 1.5 MB on a live machine and about 0.9 MB on a development machine to fire-up.

Apart from that, efficient Routing and MySQL auto-query builder have been built into the Framework ( Efficiently handles complex equi-join queries as well ). No templating engine has been prebuilt into the Framework but it comes with a  support for external libraries. I am currently compiling the Documentation for it. As soon as its done, there will be a alpha version up!

 Deepanshu Mehndiratta

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